Public Relations

TxSU Association of Black Journalists

Texas Southern University’s motto is “Excellence in Achievement,” which sets the standard for the institutions expectations required of its students. TSU anticipates its students will achieve success in all areas of interest including academically, professionally, or leisurely. One way our institution enforces these standards is with its use of student clubs and organizations that help expand our knowledge and shape our skills in many particular areas of interest. The School of Communications, here at Texas Southern, offers its student journalists membership in the Texas Southern University Association of Black Journalists (TSU/ABJ). The TSU/ABJ was founded in October 1990 by Professor Serbino Sandifer-Walker who said, “The objective of the TSU/ABJ is to understand the power of the media, the power of their words, and the power of their voice ,” said Sandifer-Walker who continued,“and to mature as they step into an internship, and ultimately a job, and tell stories with great precision, clarity, and honesty.” This organization focuses intensely on writing workshop as well as service to its university and community. One way the TSU/ABJ helps its members improve their craft is by hosting a book club because they believe the more a student journalist reads the better they will write. The organization is also investing its time on breast cancer awareness and the #blacklivesmatter movement. The TSU/ABJ has been the starting point for many successful journalists today. Ruben Dominguez, for instance, was a TSU/ABJ member and went on to become an entertainment reporter for FOX26-TV. Nakia Cooper is also a former member of the TSU/ABJ and is now an executive manager at WB-39-TV. The organization also plans to collaborate with the Houston Association of Black Journalists (HABJ) to host a mentor’s panel and with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) to prepare for an NABJ conference in New Orleans. The TSU/ABJ has been successful in sculpting many young black journalism professionals and makes sure that when its members move on academically or professionally they are the most confident individual in the room because, thanks to the TSU/ABJ, they are fully prepared to take on any challenge they face. If this organization interests you please don’t hesitate to contact Professor Sandifer-Walker @ walker_sx@ or visit her Twitter @sswalker.


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