TxSU Thomas F. Freeman Honors College

Image courtesy of Texas Southern University

The Thomas F. Freeman Honors College at Texas Southern University gives high achieving honors students the opportunity to take part in exclusive raffles for events around the Houston area.

The Honors College is an academic unit that extends an invitation to TSU’s intelligent undergraduate students in order to form a learning community based around interdisciplinarity, or in other words, combining multiple academic disciplines into one activity.

The goal of the Honors College is to educate and expose students to experiences outside of their comfort zone to allow them to become fully engaged academically, socially, and intellectually.

The Dean of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College, Dr. Elizabeth Brown-Guillory, also known as the mom at the Honors College, said, “The Honors College offers an ivy league experience at a public university. We nurture students to ensure they graduate on time and with high honors. During their time in the Honors College, we give them time and attention and scholarships to help them not worry about funding their education.”

As intense as this may seem, the Honors College also makes sure to extend even greater opportunities for their students to enjoy during their free time.

These opportunities present themselves in the form of a raffle, to keep things fair, for students interested in any particular event.

Joselyn Guerara, the receptionist at the Honors College, said, “The raffle entails randomly selecting twenty names, exclusively honors students, and distributing the tickets accordingly.”

These raffles allow the honors students to take part in many types of events which range from performances in the arts, concerts, academic outreach, cookouts, and fundraisers.

In September, for instance, the raffles included tickets to events such as Stanton Welch’s Madame Butterfly with Son of Chamber Symphony at the Houston Ballet as well as tickets to Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour.

Earlier this month the honors students submitted their names to the raffles for events such as Sassy Mamas at the Ensemble Theater, the Smokey Robinson concert, and a silent auction and fashion show fundraiser which was held for continuing honors students and incoming freshman.

As enthralling as this raffle may seem, though, many students in the TSU community aren’t aware that this is just one of a number of incentives that go along with being in the Honors College.

Leslie Vasquez and Yazmine Matthews are just two of the students here at TSU that didn’t know about the Honors College’s dedication to student engagement.

Leslie Vasquez, a Broadcast Journalist sophomore here at TSU, said, “If I knew I would definitely take advantage of the opportunities the Honors College offers because it seems like a good way for a student to go out and have fun and it’s definitely something I’m going to look into.”

The Honors College has also launched many other initiatives to help educate students beyond the classroom so that they can gain experiential learning that will equip them to transform their communities.

These initiatives include the Honors Internship Program, African Model United Nations Team, Honors Yoga, Honors Dress for Success Closet, Interactive Game Night, study away and study abroad trips, and Student Engagement Through Technology just to name a few.

Dr. Brown-Guillory also said, “We would like to direct students to our webpage ( for additional information about the many benefits available to Honors Scholars. We can’t tell you how great this college is; we have to show it and for that we encourage visitors. Come sit a spell with us, like the old folds used to say.”


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