TxSU Voter Rally


Texas Southern University students band together and marched in unison to the polls on election day to make sure their voices are heard.

The rally was held in front of the TSU Student Center where students started forming around 11:00.

Led by Student Government Association President, Justin Lee, the students made their way to St. James Episcopal Church.

 “A lot of people haven’t voted yet and I know a lot of African Americans don’t see the point in voting in this election because they don’t have any choices really but every vote counts. Our ancestors died for this right and its awesome that we conducted this rally,” said Taylor Tolbert, a print journalism junior at TSU.

To further unify the students, the SGA also passed out “HBCU Votes Matter” t-shirts to the students who came to vote.

“College students love free things and I think it will helps everyone get involved,” said Yazmine Matthews, TSU public relations sophomore.

TSU made sure its students made it to the ballots because there is a real threat to all the hard work put forth toward the #blacklivesmatter movement but not everyone thinks it will be enough.

“There’s so much to consider when it comes to the election process, like the electoral college for instance, so I don’t think our votes will make a great impact but it’s always great when you can get young black people to get out and do something positive,” said Colby Ibeziako, broadcast journalism junior at TSU.

The students at TSU didn’t take this presidential election lightly.

“Not only is this a historical election but it’s imperative. We have to vote for the president and the local election. The local election affects how we live everyday so it’s very important that we go out and vote,” said Tanuke Smith, a TSU history Junior.


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