The Trump Effect

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Since Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election much of journalism has been effected. The purpose of journalism is to write news that is objective, fair, and honest making the importance of journalism higher now more than ever.

Journalism is important because it plays a crucial role in our democratic society. The people of the United States of America have a right to be informed when it comes to the inner workings of the government. Democracy is transparent and journalism is the liaison between the government and its citizens.

President Trump, on many occasions, has accused the media of being against him at every turn, going so far as to comment on his “running war with the media” accusing all the media of being “the most dishonest human beings on Earth.”

Admittedly, there are some outlets who blatantly express their dislike of our nation’s 45th president but that doesn’t make their publications any less true, if anything, the news they report support their reasons for being against President Trump because what they write is fair and objective.

President Trump’s treatment of the US media is unprecedented not only because of what he says about the media but also his actions he has taken to spite them. He has broken protocol by traveling without his customary pool of reporters, threatened to evict the media from their traditional post in the White House press room, and took to Twitter to accuse the media of inciting mass protests.

The protests that have occurred since President Trump took office have not been incited by the media, instead, they are the response from the unheard voices of the masses, to the election of a man who has repeatedly been witnessed as racist and misogynistic.

If President Trump continues to belittle and attack the reputation of the media there could be serious consequences for both parties. The media could be subject to backlash from Trump’s supporters which could lead to endangerment – we’ve all seen what his supporters are capable of through instances of attacks on women and Muslim individuals.

President Trump could also be faced with serious situations if he continues to attack the media because US citizens will eventually see, if they don’t already, that the media is a fair and honest about President Trump as they’ve always been.

Throughout President Trumps 4-year term, journalists should definitely continue to be as accurate in their reporting as possible while at the same time taking precautions to verify and solidify the truth being reported.

Journalists should strive to be as fair about President Trump as possible while still delivering the truth to the public, no matter how ugly it may be, the people have a right to know. The people also have the right to make decisions for themselves on whether they consider what they read from journalists to be credible. Although, of course, that doesn’t make what is being reported any less true.

President Trumps view of journalists is proof that the media is doing its job. If all of America supported Trump then we would be one step closer to a dictatorship because whatever was being reported would definitely not be truthful, rather it’d be what President Trump deemed true.


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