Guidelines for College Registration

As the Spring semester comes to a close, amid sighs of relief, the next step for Texas Southern students is to register for the Fall 2018 semester.

TxSU students, as well as all other college students, are faced with a revolving set of decisions between every semester as to which classes to register for.

“Registering for classes can be so difficult sometimes,” said Zakiya Jackson, attending TxSU senior. “I make every effort to stay on top of my degree plan so that I don’t take classes I don’t need.”

Picking the right classes can be stressful and, in some cases, time-sensitive so any mistakes could result in prolonging your college career.

Colleges offer hundreds, even thousands, of classes with limitless options of schedules which makes planning an essential element for success.

Scheduling a semester of classes usually consists of four to six classes spread out through the week that fits a student’s already demanding life.

“I already registered for next semesters classes,” said Jarnell Watson, TxSU Senior. “I work full time so proper scheduling is crucial. I sat down with my advisor and pretty much mapped out my entire course selection when I was a freshman so every semester I just cross classes off my list and see what’s left for me to tackle.”

Advisors are the pinnacle of scheduling and course selection, so meeting with yours before registration should be the first step to avoid any ill decisions.

Most advisors will tell you the importance of maintaining balance and structure. College courses typically require dedicated time and advisors help work out a selection of classes that fit around your schedule.

“I’ve, unfortunately, taken more than a few classes that I didn’t need,” said Mariah Minix, TxSU Junior. “I took a few that seemed really interesting to me but I also fell victim to poor preparation. I didn’t meet with my advisor every semester like I should have so I’ve fallen a little behind with my degree plan but it doesn’t bother me, I love the classes I’ve taken.”

Registering for classes early helps ensure you get the classes you need before they fill up. It also helps should you incur any problems along the way, regarding scheduling, so you have more time to alleviate issues.

Being informed of registration dates and guidelines helps to avoid lines outside your advisor’s office and missing classes due to overflow.

“I’ve had both great and terrible experiences with registering for classes,” said Justin Hutchinson, TxSU Junior. “I usually have a good grasp on the classes I need to take, my problem is getting in soon enough in order to take those classes. It also doesn’t help when some classes aren’t offered for a few semesters so I’m forced to figure out a new schedule.”

Having a backup plan, or alternative classes in mind when registering eliminates the hassle of going back through the course catalog and rearranging your schedule.

After a few semesters, students consider themselves professionals come registration time but that’s only true if those students remember the importance of advisor guidance and proper scheduling.


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