Hollywood Comes to TSU

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Trailblazing Texas Southern University professor, Dr. Tyrone Dixon, works tirelessly toward a successful production of his feature Boy Scout film while paving the way for the futures of aspiring film major’s.

Dr. Dixon set out to produce a film based around Boy Scouts Troop 242, from Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, to reach an audience searching for more than what today’s mainstream media has to offer; his biggest influence is his son.

“I have an 11-year-old son that I can’t really take to the movies because none of them he can see,” said Dr. Dixon. “The PG movies he doesn’t want to see, and the PG-13 movies they have out there are usually comic book films that have a lot of violence.”

His film centers around a once great troop that has lost interest and value in the Boy Scouts and subsequently turns to technology and social media.

The troop is restored to its former glory with the guidance of previous troop leader, Danny Glover.

“The great thing about this troop is that they’ve never sucked,” said Dr. Dixon. “I’ve taken some creative licenses to make that happen. Troop 242 has created more black Eagle Scouts than anyone in the nation and, like the Tuskegee Airmen, unless we tell that story, no one will know the value of that.”

Aside from a few financial setbacks, Dr. Dixon is diligently gunning for the success of this film, not only for himself but for the Boy Scout community and his TSU students.

Dr. Dixon is all too aware of the absence of TSU alum in Hollywood and is dedicated to changing that.

“There’s no shortage of folks who graduated from Howard working in Hollywood,” said Dr. Dixon. “That can’t be the only institution funneling African Americans in the industry. TSU is the closest HBCU to the West Coast.”

In fact, Dr. Dixon came back to teach specifically because of the impact he knows he can make on his students.

“Recognizing the value that I brought to young people here, at this time from 2010 until now, there are 25 former TSU students who are working in Hollywood, whether it be New York, LA, or Atlanta, and they’re doing very well,” said Dr. Dixon.

Dr. Dixon expects to create a pipeline directly from TSU to Hollywood opening an abundance of opportunities for RTF majors.


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