The Mis-Education of Today’s Negro

Throughout his book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, Dr. Carter Woodson proclaims repeatedly that the American society emphasizes black inferiority in all aspects of said society.

He also argues the inequality blacks face takes place in schools and colleges and students suffer tremendously.

He also asserts that the black community isn’t given the proper tools to establish a sound footing in the business spectrum which plays a huge part in the community falling behind all others in this nation.

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Guidelines for College Registration

As the Fall semester comes to a close, amid sighs of relief, the next step for Texas Southern students is to register for the Spring 2018 semester.

TxSU students, as well as all other college students, are faced with a revolving set of decisions between every semester as to which classes to register for.

“Registering for classes can be so difficult sometimes,” said Zakiya Jackson, attending TxSU senior. “I make every effort to stay on top of my degree plan so that I don’t take classes I don’t need.”

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The Role of Femininity and the Masculine Man

In today’s American culture, men are regularly faced with a new challenge: figuring out how to define themselves beyond our outdated, gender polarized society. One incentive to this challenge is the liberation of the idea that self-care and maintenance are strictly acceptable for women. Continue reading “The Role of Femininity and the Masculine Man”

TxSU Voter Rally


Texas Southern University students band together and marched in unison to the polls on election day to make sure their voices are heard.

The rally was held in front of the TSU Student Center where students started forming around 11:00.

Led by Student Government Association President, Justin Lee, the students made their way to St. James Episcopal Church. Continue reading “TxSU Voter Rally”

TxSU Thomas F. Freeman Honors College

The Thomas F. Freeman Honors College at Texas Southern University gives high achieving honors students the opportunity to take part in exclusive raffles for events around the Houston area.

The Honors College is an academic unit that extends an invitation to TSU’s intelligent undergraduate students in order to form a learning community based around interdisciplinarity, or in other words, combining multiple academic disciplines into one activity. Continue reading “TxSU Thomas F. Freeman Honors College”

Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

dr-bowieBy:Dante’ James, Taylor Tolbert, and Tanuke Smith

Two powerful messages echoed across Sawyer Auditorium during Texas Southern University’s Founders Day as the President and keynote speaker challenged each person in attendance to take pride in the historic institution.

However, before the keynote address was delivered, TSU’s 12th President, Dr. Austin A. Lane, opened the ceremony with a challenge to himself, the administrative team, and all other individuals who support the class of 2020 to do their part to ensure everyone in the class makes it across the stage in four years.

President Lane spoke of a strategy to ensure student’s success by increasing TSU’s faculty in the Spring 2017 semester and also by working with the guidance teams to avoid enrolling students in unnecessary courses. Students will only take classes required by their degree plan. Continue reading “Run Your Own Race”