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These published E-Newsletters contain content I've contributed to Houston Southeast Management District during my internship with One World Strategy Group. E-Newsletter E-Newsletter E-Newsletter


Keys to Success in Journalism

Local and national journalism experts visited Texas Southern University today to offer their unique insights on the current state of modern journalism. For the last 25 years, TSU Communications Week has focused on delivering pertinent information to its students through open dialogue sessions in the form of 1-hour panel discussions. Moderated by Professor Sandifer-Walker this… Continue reading Keys to Success in Journalism


The Ghost People of East Africa

During Texas Southern University’s Intercultural Conference today, Dr. Vidia Robertson examined Albinism in East Africa and the harsh conditions in which they live. TSU’s Intercultural Conference purpose is to broaden faculty, staff and students’ knowledge of other world regions and cultures while also introducing them to career opportunities and essential tools to work successfully in… Continue reading The Ghost People of East Africa